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CannaSol Farms is the trusted leader in sustainably farmed, finely cured cannabis. We work with nature to harness the intense Okanogan sun, draw water from our natural aquifer, and locally source organic nutrients to grow dozens of our exclusive strains. Our commitment to a low-carbon footprint while using no harmful pesticides to produce premier artisan cannabis is why informed consumers ask for CannaSol by name.

We don’t manufacture marijuana.
We farm cannabis.

We are Certified by Dr. Bronner's new Regenerative Sun and Earth Certification

CannaSol is
a Lean Farm

From using bulk recycled nutrients to mixing our own soil, at CannaSol our goal is to focus on what creates value: producing a high quality product while using the least amount of resources from the Earth and creating minimal waste.

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Don't be a statistic!

Indoor Cannabis is depleting our planet!

Total U.S. Indoor Cannabis Production is out of control and unsustainable. It is equal to:


Powered Homes in U.S.


Large Power Plants


in Energy Costs

2018 SunCup  |  Seattle

Sol Extracts is Best Hydrocarbon Dab!

We won! Sol Extracts' Golden Goat Wax was named the Best Hydrocarbon Dab at the First Annual 2018 SunCup — an annual competition created to showcase the quality of sungrown cannabis and concentrates, and to celebrate and reward the farmers and processors behind these products.

The SunCup has been a dream of CannaSol Founder Jeremy Moberg for more than a decade as a means to change the direction of the cannabis industry...

CannaSol Farms | Sol Extracts

Golden Goat Wax

Washington SunCup Winner

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