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7 Freshly Harvested Cannabis Strains in Washington State

Two of CannaSol Farms’ Rotating Signature Strains are featured in “7 Freshly Harvested Cannabis Strains in Washington State” by Leafly‘s Dante Jordan.

It’s Croptober, which means those sun-grown plants are coming up out of the ground and onto the shelves of dispensaries near you. While harvest date is not the end-all-be-all mark of quality, there’s nothing quite like freshly grown outdoor cannabis.

Sour Tangie by CannaSolFreshly harvested weed strain in Washington: Sour Tangie

The Sour Tangie from CannaSol is some of the best flower I’ve ever smoked. The aroma and flavor are so distinctly orange, and the high leaves you stuck to the couch, but not in a sleepy manner. Instead, it’s one of those “kick-back-and-soak-up-the-vibe” type of strains. I recommend that you smoke Sour Tangie while sitting in the park with the new 6lack album bouncing off of your eardrums.

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connoisseur sungrown cannabis

Come To The Light: Connoisseur Sun-Grown Cannabis

Jeremy Moberg has the best damned grow light in the business.

It’s called the Sun.

Moberg, the visionary behind CannaSol Farms and Connoisseur Sungrown Cannabis, was a wildlife biologist. And if you wanted to point at the single person most responsible for the existence of Washington state’s sun grown marijuana industry, Moberg would be at the end of your finger.

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sustainable cannabis with higher cannabinoids

Sustainable Sungrown Cannabis yields higher highs

CannaSol Farms wants to get you stoned for longer, using nature and precise science to grow sustainable cannabis with higher cannabinoids. The higher the terpenes and cannabinoid count, the stronger and more effective the plant. Dope Magazine produced a special write-up on CannaSol this month in their advocacy issue. Jake Uitti interviews CannaSol CEO Jeremy Moberg on his experience as a seasoned pot farmer! Thanks, Jacob!

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CannaSol complex cannabinoid profile

Sunny Terroir = Complex Cannabinoid Profile

Believe it or not, outdoor cannabis production wasn’t always legal in Washington state. CannaSol CEO and Founder Jeremy Moberg was one of the main reasons that changed. His message was (and still is) consistent: he believes that “cannabis farmers should be allowed to grow their crop in the same way as the vast majority of farmers grow crops around the world — in a natural setting, and under natural sunlight”, thus creating a complex cannabinoid profile (1).

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