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Founding Cannabis Farmers Jeremy Moberg

A Renaissance Man in Farmer’s Clothes

Have you wondered how CannaSol Farms began? Cannabis Business Executive shares the story of one of Washington’s founding cannabis farmers, CEO and Founder Jeremy Moberg, whose story dates all the way back to his high school days in the 1990s grey market! Thanks, Rob!

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CannaSol complex cannabinoid profile

Sunny Terroir = Complex Cannabinoid Profile

Believe it or not, outdoor cannabis production wasn’t always legal in Washington state. CannaSol CEO and Founder Jeremy Moberg was one of the main reasons that changed. His message was (and still is) consistent: he believes that “cannabis farmers should be allowed to grow their crop in the same way as the vast majority of farmers grow crops around the world — in a natural setting, and under natural sunlight”, thus creating a complex cannabinoid profile (1).

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