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CannaSol DLCC Double Lemon Cheesecake

Northwest Leaf featured CannaSol DLCC, or Double Lemon Cheesecake, as the strain of the month for their sustainability issue! Wes Abney wrote an insightful review that sheds light on the quality of sungrown cannabis. Thanks, Wes!

Proudly grown under the sun in Okanogan County, this Double Lemon Cheesecake delivers a fresh slice of sustainable Cannabis rich in flavor and effects. Bright notes of lemon hit the nose first when opening a jar, followed by creamy rich notes of berries and a piney-skunk flavor.

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CannaSol complex cannabinoid profile

Believe it or not, outdoor cannabis production wasn’t always legal in Washington state. CannaSol CEO and Founder Jeremy Moberg was one of the main reasons that changed. His message was (and still is) consistent: he believes that “cannabis farmers should be allowed to grow their crop in the same way as the vast majority of farmers grow crops around the world — in a natural setting, and under natural sunlight”, thus creating a complex cannabinoid profile (1).

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