Sol Extracts from Sungrown Cannabis

Sol Extracts

100% Pure Cannabis Extracts artfully derived from sungrown flower.

CannaSol Farms has partnered with like-minded processing companies to bring you Sol Extracts, an artisanal line of products procured from sungrown material. Our products are as flawless and rich as the sun-infused flowers they came from, and the natural variations in viscosity and color are mirrors of the full potent profile of each flower’s origination and complexity.

Our partners only produce whole plant extracts, using only the first pressing — meaning all of our extracts are extra virgin. Since we grow our cannabis in pesticide-free conditions, there’s no need for post-processing cleansing of our extracts. Quality In — Quality Out.

Sol Extracts would not exist without the wizardry of our wonderful processing partners. They are a group of talented scientists who understand and appreciate the quality of sungrown cannabis.


We work with experts in each extraction method to offer an array of terpene-rich concentrates. We are dedicated to building relationships with our extractors and learning their infrastructure to ensure we deliver material that will produce the best results. Consumers can enjoy CO2 Sugar, CO2 Live Resin Sugar, BHO and PHO Wax.


Our CO2 vape cartridges are made from pure cannabis extracts with no additives. Our extractors prefer full-flower, stemless material that results in clean, floral, full-bodied flavor profiles. We offer both standard CO2 Oil (processed with dry, cured material) and Live Resin CO2 Oil (extracted with fresh, frozen flower). Both are incredible products that taste like you’re smoking the flower!

Hash Balls

Remember taking Moroccan hash knife hits? We missed those days, so we added it to our Sol Extracts product family. Our dry sift hash is handmade from CannaSol blonde kief. We add gentle heat, hand-rolled pressure, and time to create the old-world hash of yesteryear. Sol Extracts Hash Balls can be smoked on its own or rolled into a line and added to your favorite joint!


You will love our blonde kief! Our kief is collected through the dry sieve process from top-shelf buds that are hand trimmed. Our methods deliver the purest kief free from extra plant matter. The result is a beautiful blonde, terpene-rich, high-cannabinoid and flavorful product.

2018 SunCup  |  Seattle

Sol Extracts is Best Hydrocarbon Dab!

We won! Sol Extracts' Golden Goat Wax was named the Best Hydrocarbon Dab at the First Annual 2018 SunCup — an annual competition created to showcase the quality of sungrown cannabis and concentrates, and to celebrate and reward the the farmers and processors behind these products.

The SunCup has been a dream of CannaSol Founder Jeremy Moberg for more than a decade as a means to change the direction of the cannabis industry — where the quality of sungrown cannabis is recognized and celebrated, and where consumers demand sustainably grown options and willingly pay a premium for the highest quality sungrown products.

The SunCup was judged by budtenders who are recognized by their peers as having a deep knowledge of the plant, a connection to consumers, and a recognition that top-quality cannabis can be produced under the sun.

Budtenders have the difficult job of matching a consumer need to a specific strain of cannabis. Each strain is different, and the crude designation of Indica and Sativa leads budtenders and consumers astray. The complexity is so great that the only way to ensure the effects of a strain is to rely on experts who have tried them. We rely on budtenders to know the different strains’ effects and to be able to match those effects to consumers’ desires. The winners of the 2018 SunCup truly deserve the top shelf, and CannaSol Farms proudly stands with this prestigious group.

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Golden Goat Wax

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