The Okanogan

The perfect climate for growing outstanding cannabis.

Perfect conditions for flavorful flowers

When you taste Okanogan sungrown cannabis, you'll fall in love with Eastern Washington too!

Okanogan sunshine
It's no wonder why farmers love Eastern Washington.

Why do we love The Okanogan?

Hand-crafted organic soils, locally sourced, and environmentally friendly. The picturesque Okanogan Valley promotes early springs, radiant sun and cool evening temperatures — a perfect climate for growing outstanding cannabis. We begin by planting our carefully crafted genetics in locally sourced organic soils, because we believe our strains reach their fullest potential in the natural environment.

We grow our plants under the powerful Okanogan sunshine using natural fertilizers selected for low environmental impact and maximum production of natural terpenes. We only use baking soda, potassium bicarbonate, and vinegar to decrease mildew and mold, and all of our farming practices are safe for humans and the planet.

Okanogan sungrown cannabis is the most premium in Washington. Powered by the sun. Endorsed by Mother Nature.

Okanogan sungrown cannabis
Okanogan sungrown cannabis is the best flower in Washington.
perfect climate cannabis
The cool evening temperatures make The Okanogan perfect for growing cannabis.
Okanogan marijuana
We love all of our Okanogan neighbors.

Endorsed by Mother Nature

We work with nature to harness the intense Okanogan sun, draw water from our natural aquifer, and locally source organic nutrients that provides just the right amount of stress for the plant to invoke a heavy terpene response. 

Jeremy Moberg, Owner & CEO

An investment in the Okanogan

The beautiful Okanogan highlands in Central Washington is the perfect place to grow premium sungrown cannabis in Washington State. I started growing here more than 20 years ago, experimenting with strains and perfecting the art and science of sustainable cannabis. I was drawn to the region because of the radiant sun, cool evening temperatures, and the early spring and mild fall that extends the grow season. These distinct environmental forces unite to develop complex terpene and cannabinoid profiles that are distinct to the terrior. You can see, smell and taste the difference.


Premium cannabis endorsed by Mother Nature. Powered by the Sun.
CannaSol Farms Premium Sungrown Cannabis