Founding Cannabis Farmers Jeremy Moberg

A Renaissance Man in Farmer’s Clothes

Have you wondered how CannaSol Farms began? Cannabis Business Executive shares the story of one of Washington’s founding cannabis farmers, CEO and Founder Jeremy Moberg, whose story dates all the way back to his high school days in the 1990s grey market! Thanks, Rob!

A Renaissance Man in Farmer’s Clothes: CannaSol Farms’ Craft Producer

Every once in a while, you run into somebody that strikes you as a kindred spirit. When I met Jeremy Moberg, CEO of CannaSol Farms, at the Cova booth at MJBiz last November in Las Vegas, there was an instant bond. He came off as a straight shooting, down to earth guy that had been an active participant in both the industry and for some time including many years in the grey market. With his vast experience cultivating and distributing cannabis, he  had unique insights to share and a very specific view of what he believed was the best strategic method to launch his enterprise into the evolving Cannabis Industry.

Moberg’s roots in the nascent industry journey back to his high school years when circumstances found the young man having to forge his own way in the world. In 1993, the fiercely independent Moberg needed to find a way to pay for Gonzaga Prep, a renowned private high school in Spokane, WA, after moving out of his childhood home. His divorced parents helped him meet some of his school and living expenses but not nearly enough to cover his costs. This hardship launched Moberg’s cannabis career.

Like many aspiring growers, High Time’s “Ask Ed” column inspired Moberg to begin cultivating pot indoors. Before long, he was generating enough money to pay the bills. At that time, a pound of pot fetched $4500/lb. Hustling to make ends meet, he eventually graduated from high school then enrolled at Evergreen State College in Olympia, where he earned his degree in Environmental Sciences.

By 1997, after hooking up with a buddy and moving into the Okanogan hippy community, he had  bought some property and began learning the ins and outs of light deprivation growing. Over the next decade and a half, Jeremy mastered the little-known method while dodging the Feds over his guerrilla grows, always paranoid that the next day would be his last in the free world. He told CBE that he had lots of close calls but was one of the lucky ones that was never caught…


Founding Cannabis Farmers | Jeremy Moberg

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