CannaSol complex cannabinoid profile

Sunny Terroir = Complex Cannabinoid Profile

Believe it or not, outdoor cannabis production wasn’t always legal in Washington state. CannaSol CEO and Founder Jeremy Moberg was one of the main reasons that changed. His message was (and still is) consistent: he believes that “cannabis farmers should be allowed to grow their crop in the same way as the vast majority of farmers grow crops around the world — in a natural setting, and under natural sunlight”, thus creating a complex cannabinoid profile (1).

It is clear to Moberg that the terroir in Okanogan County is the reason for the complex cannabinoid and terpene profiles of his strains, and he has been advocating for sungrown since 2011. “Outdoor is going to produce a higher rate of other cannabinoids (other than THC), and it’s the other cannabinoids and the higher production of terpenes that make outdoor a different product than indoor and, in my opinion, a superior product,”  Moberg said (2). Knowing the benefits of using the sun as the main source of energy, Moberg finds it hard to believe that indoor is still considered superior.

In last week’s issue of The Stranger, Lester Black puts it simply: “Just like the grape vines for winemaking, pot plants absorb their surroundings to produce flavors and characteristics that are unique to the season and the soil. Would you rather your buds were imbued with the August sun of the Methow Valley or the warehouse lights of an industrial park in Tumwater?” (2).

He even bought some of our flower and claimed it could match the strength of any indoor bud. “The Double Lemon Cheesecake smells amazing, like candied lemons and warm spices, and it gave me an energetic high that stuck with me for hours” (2).

Thank you to Lester Black and The Stranger crew for supporting the Washington Sungrowers! Try CannaSol today and see what a complex cannabinoid profile does to your high.

(1) Marijuana Venture: April 2016
(2) The Stranger: February 2018

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