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Located in the beautiful highlands of The Okanogan in North Central Washington, CannaSol Farms is the founding pioneer of sungrown sustainable cannabis. We harness science and nature by using solar light deprivation, hand-crafted organic soils, and absolutely ZERO pesticides or chemicals to bring you the finest, cleanest, tastiest and most incredible cannabis on the market.

Many stereotypes about outdoor cannabis exist for one key reason: legality. The majority of outdoor cannabis in the past went through a gauntlet of post-harvest abuse. Under prohibition, many outdoor cannabis farms took great risks to cultivate their product. As a result, the harvest was rapid, curing was nearly non-existent, and aggressive handling was necessary to get it to market. Those days are over. Today in states where cannabis is legal, outdoor farmers are able to take their time and harvest at the peak of perfection.

What are your company's values?

Sustainability. Organic. Community.

Where can I buy CannaSol products?

We serve the entire state of Washington. Check out the Retailers page.

Do you have any certifications?

Sungrown Certified. WISE Certified.

Where is CannaSol Farms located?

Learn more about The Okanogan in Eastern Washington.

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We're more than a company.

CannaSol Farms is a small company with big values. We are working hard to improve the cannabis industry, and we've been doing it since the beginning. We're always learning new methods to give back... to The Okanogan, to Washington, to Mother Earth.

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